Contrary to popular belief

Chicken regulates hormone metabolism.

Meals and Memories

Ekhtiari Range of Low-Fat, Low-Calorie snacks by A'Saffa

Sufrat A'Saffa - Kargeen Restaurant and Cafe 2

Sufrat A'Saffa - Kargeen Restaurant and Cafe

Make your Iftar more delicious now with us

Sufrat A'Saffa - Love at First Bite

Sufrat A'Saffa - Razmazan Restaurant

Sufrat A'Saffa - Almukhtar Restaurant

A'saffa Zingle Chicken Fillet Tortilla

Asaffa BBQ Challenge 3

Meals and Memories Intro.

Asaffa BBQ Challenge 2


Ramadan Mubarak

Sufrat A'Saffa - Zaher Elymoun Restaurant

A'Saffa Chicken Shish Taouk puff pastry stuffed

A'Saffa Chicken Tikka with Harees

A'Saffa brings you three ways to happiness - Purity, Freshness & Taste

A'saffa farm to table promise

Ekhtiari Chicken Nuggets

Ekhtiari Chicken Franks

Introducing the all-new low fat, low calorie ‘Ekhtiari’ Chicken Burgers by A’Saffa Foods, 100% Halal and 100% Omani.

A’Saffa Chicken Nuggets club Sandwich

A'saffa Chicken Franks Tortilla

Chicken Burger

A'Saffa chicken Breast with Liver


Roasted Chicken with Qabuli rice.

A'Saffa Foods Bahrain Autum Fair 2016 Omani Dishes with A'saffa Chicken by Chef Issa Lamki

A'Saffa Zingle Chicken Fillet - Truly Spicy, Truly Cripsy and 100% Omani

Khayrat Pure Beef Burger


26 November, 2017

A’Saffa Foods celebrates National Day by organizing Art Competition and Zingle Party for children in special home
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19 November, 2017

Enjoy appetizing beef savories with Khayrat range from the house of A’Saffa Foods
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