Dr. Nasser Zahir Nasser Al Maawali

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nasser Zahir Nasser Al Maawali is the Chief Executive Officer with 31 years wide ranging experience in animal production encompassing planning and overseeing implementation of projects and programmes, conducting and supervising research projects and hand-on commercial production at the farm level.


Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al Shanfari

Asst. CEO

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al Shanfari is the Asst. CEO for Admin Affairs with more than 30 years in the Public relation, Commercial activities, Human Resource and Administration.


Mr. Muhammad Rafique Chaudhry

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Muhammad Rafique Chaudhry is the Chief Financial Officer with 26 years diversified experience in strategic financial and Operation planning, designing corporate objectives and goals, monitoring project performance, performance analysis and corrective measures, financial and accounting activities of the project.


Mr. Sidhartha Lenka

Head of Sales & Marketing

Mr. Sidhartha Lenka , Head of Sales & Marketing with 28 years extensive experience in Heading Sales and marketing Pan India as well as Eastern & Southern African and GCC countries, special expertise in brand building, setting distribution network, direct distribution, advertising and promotion, business & sales planning and setting goals, target achievement and ROI.


Eng .Yassin Khidir Elnour

Senior Operations Manager


26 November, 2017

A’Saffa Foods celebrates National Day by organizing Art Competition and Zingle Party for children in special home
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19 November, 2017

Enjoy appetizing beef savories with Khayrat range from the house of A’Saffa Foods
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